Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Another Sew Over It Heather Dress

Occasionally I find a pattern I really love and I make it over and over again.  The Sew Over It Heather is one of those patterns.  Well, I've only made three of them, but it seems I'm constantly thinking of the next one.  Make no mistake.  There will be a fourth in the future!

My first Heather was a warm, quilted long sleeve one back when the pattern had first come out.  My second one was a short sleeve one the following summer.  Which brings us to Heather Dress number three.  Which just so happens to be up on the Minerva Blog today.

Why is everything so green again you ask?  Well.  Let me tell you! There is often a lag in when we make our projects to when they get posted up on the blog, which leads to some pretty comical time travel-esque photos.  This dress has actually been in my wardrobe since last summer when I made it.   Right now there is no grass in sight, the temps are plummeting from a - 3C high yesterday to a nasty - 40C today.  It's definitely the cozy clothes time of year.

Suffice it to say this dress is all that I hoped it would be. It's so soft and snuggly, and like my other Heather dresses is like secret pyjamas, it's so comfy!  I wore it to work just yesterday as a matter of fact!  I hope you'll head over and read about it.  There's even a bit of a funny story about taking photos of it, but I'll let you hop on over to the Minerva Blog to read about that too.

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