Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Know your limits and embrace them

We bought our Christmas tree on Saturday - there's nothing like a real tree! Of course G thought we needed the biggest, tallest one available (I did not - but lost out on that decision!) (BF)G complied with G's wishes and our tree almost reaches the ceiling! N, G and I decorated it on Sunday evening. It looks very pretty and so far the three cats have left it alone! (much to my relief) Hollycat is somewhat afraid of it, Sola likes to sleep under it and Squeeks had been completely ignoring it until last night when he decided he quite liked the taste of Christmas tree water. Crazy cats!

Between gift knitting projects, holiday baking, shopping, etc. I am quickly running out of time! I always figure I'll have more time than I do. How is it that time slips away so quickly and nothing seems to get finished in a timely fashion and then it's a mad panic???? Really I need to learn what my limits are and be a little more realistic with timeline goals!

I've not much to report on the knitting front these days! With getting ready for Christmas, I haven't had much time to devote to my WIP lately! I finished the Old World Booties just this morning - they're quite cute! And after work's endeavor today(while supper is cooking) is to finally sew up the white bunny slippers. Both pairs need to be delivered tonight! Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!

I have two more days of work left until holidays! Hopefully I'll get more knitting done then. Samus calls my name and begs to be worked on, as does my Irish Hiking Scarf. I really am wanting to get my hands and needles on the Sweet Georgia and of course there's the Southwestern Felted bag from Patons that cries out to me too, but I'm trying to be a good girl! I still need to do two pairs of teddy bear slippers before Christmas Eve. Once again... nothing like leaving it to the last minute! Ha! Ha!

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