Monday, December 11, 2006

Look what I got!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to get near the computer since Friday evening to post this, but alas, time has not been on my side! I seem to be running out of hours in the day lately! But here it is better late than never!

My coffee partner sent me the loveliest package that arrived on Friday afternoon. Silly J signed for the parcel and then promptly forgot to tell me. Agggghhhh. I was home a whole hour before I knew it was there!

Anyways, I got the following wonderful items:
Mexican Coffee - very very thoughtful as I'd posted how my very favourite coffee ever was mexican!
Shortbread - Yum, yum, yum! One of my favourite things too!
Penguin Mug - Very cute and large! Perfect for a big ol' mug of coffee!
Homemade Strawberry Jam - The very best! Who cares about the rest! I love homemade jam! What a treat! You can't tell from the picture, but a lot of the jam has already disappeared onto my breakfast toast!
Ok, well not really who cares about the rest 'cause there was some delicious cotton yarns too! Such pretty colours!
Oh and I almost forgot - a fancy package of Hot Chocolate mix to share with the kids. (We'll see about that! Tee hee!)

Thank you so much "gigiknits" for thoughtfulness!

In other knitting news... I have come to a dead standstill on Samus and the Irish Hiking Scarf. Instead I've been focusing my attention on the woolies for the little ones for Christmas. I have the bunny slippers done other than sewing them up, and I am well on my way (finally after frogging back three times) on the first bootie from Interweave Knits Old World Booties. I am hoping to get two pairs of teddy bear slippers done before the holidays as well. Wish me luck - I seem to be running desperately short on time!


  1. Mmmm...strawberry jam. Reminds me of the Hadashville Strawberry Festivals I attended in my youth.

  2. I remember going berry picking in Hadashville when I was really little! Sigh... missed berry season completely for the last few years unfortunately! Yey for my swap partner thinking of sending homemade jam. It's like a little taste of summertime heaven! :)