Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lovely Lush Pampering!

Look what wonderful treats were waiting for me in the mail yesterday!! Wow! I especially love the Sonic Death Monkey, a product that my partner says every mom of a punk rocker should posess! It smells divine. Good enough to eat that's for sure! And bath bars... oh relaxation here I come! And look at the Virtue 100% cashmere there too! Wheeeee! So much fun! Thank you my SP! You are so generous!

In other news I FINISHED MY PHILOSOPHY ESSAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just one more to go. Granted it's got to be about 2500 words, which shall prove to be challenging at best... but I can do it! No knitting for the next few days mind you. Focus focus focus. Have to have said essay in to the prof before May 31st. But that's ok. I'm not panicking tonight! Really...

I looked after my baby nephew on Sunday! He's so absolutely adorable and so well behaved. Not a single complaint out of him the whole afternoon! He was good as gold for auntie! He's grown so much in the last few months though!

Baby R and the fishies

And finally cause it's just too cool for words... I just have to show off my new book truck that I got at work. I've had it for a couple of weeks now - just never got around to bragging about it. Check it out... Aren't all you library people envious! It's purple-ness sure caused a stir in the office the day it came in! And it's mine! All mine! Teee heeee heee! Makes me happy (apparently it doesn't take much today).

Well I'm off to relish in the fact I've actually got the old essay done and sent! What a relief! Well actually. I think I'm off to bed. My brain is kind of hurting from said essay!


  1. I love the purple book truck! (not to mention the other acquisitions...). I was trying to push for a hot pink file cabinet at work during recent office renos, but no go.

    And - you've been tagged! (sorry - just trying to avoid bad knitting karma). For the rules, please check out my blog on the 20 May post.

  2. Ohhhh... hot pink file cabinet! That would have been quite something! Sorry to hear it was a no go!

    About the tagging... I'll have to get back to that later this weekend. I have to go pick up and deliver a lawn mower (and supper) in a few minutes to (BF) G's mom.

    And hey! At least this type of chain mail doesn't come with dreadful predictions for one's future should one not forward it on with in the next 7 minutes! Tee hee!