Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Things that make me happy!

I am a very happy person these days! Why you ask? Because... Wheeeeee! I have a lawn! An honest to goodness lawn!!!!!

Last July we bought our house and the yard looked like this:

On Monday night our yard was transformed into this:

(Side view - but best light to show the grass!)

In other news I made another cel phone cover for (BF) G the other day. It seems to be a bit of a better fit than the last attempt. I used Paton's Classic Wool. Cast on 26 stitches on 5.5mm needles, divided between three needles, knit until appropriate height (about an inch taller than phone), knit strap by picking up three stitches at bottom of cover and knit until just slightly shorter than the top edge cast of these three stitches along with the corresponding stitches on the top edge, casting off all but 9 stitches, knit these stitches for desired length for flap doing slight decrease along the sides, cast off, sew up bottom, throw in washing machine and voila! A manly cel phone cover!

Last but certainly not the least... some Yarn PRon. OK, I know people normally do this on Fridays, but I couldn't wait, and I've never been a conformist so here is my latest addition to my stash. Some gorgeous Lorna's Laces in Lakeview. I'm thinking of trying Pomatomus by Cookie A.


  1. very pretty yarn, can't wait too see the finished socks!!

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    Biby Cletus - Blog

  3. Gotta love the instant lawn. Too bad you can't roll it up and send it away to be mown and weeded every few weeks.

  4. Indeed! You really do have to love an instant lawn Wouldn't that be great if I could roll it up again?!?! (Although some of the neighbourhood kids have already tried that! I actually caught them dragging away a section on their toboggan.)

    I am feeling somewhat skeptical now about my lawn as there are some patches that look definately dead! I wonder how long I should leave it before I give up and replace those sections...