Sunday, May 06, 2007

What a week!

The Agitations in concert - Ragpickers, Winnipeg - May 3rd

Between Punk shows, and highland competitions, plus trying to write an essay and get yard work done, it's been quite the week!! J had a gig the other night down in the exchange, so being a good Mom, I first of all helped load the van with amps, guitars, drums, mics not to mention three jolly green giants of teenage boys, plus one not so jolly green giant like 12 year old. Got all the equipment and jolly green giants to the exchange district then went back for the others. I was treated to quite the show, which all took place in a tiny upstairs studio above a vintage clothing store. I though briefly that someone had broken my toe in the madness that was an overflowing mosh pit, but turns out it was just bruised. I found out quite quickly just how old I really am I guess!

I took the day off of work in order to start really getting the yard ready for the sod that was being delivered on Saturday, unfortunately, it rained and rained. Matter of fact, we might have been better off building an ark rather than considering a lawn. It rained all weekend. Well until tonight anyways. So now we have a lake of mud, and a gigantic pile of sod sitting in the driveway. Oh well, I didn't have the worst of it. Although it put a damper - pardon the pun - on my yard work, at least I could stay warm and dry inside!! Poor N was off on an army cadet exercise all weekend out in Caddy Lake.

All the rain at least that gave me ample time yesterday to really get down to business with the philosophy essay that has become quite the monkey on my back. Just a few hundred more words to go - get my critism and conclusion done and fire it off to my prof by Tuesday I hope, so that I can jump head on into the next essay. Sigh... I will NEVER attempt philosophy through distance ed again. I am just not disciplined enough. Three weeks, though. That's all that's left to finish it in. Ack! That's enough to send shivers of panic down my spine!

G and her teacher - Manitoba Provincial Selection Competition - May 6th

G had provincial championships today. Not the best day for her, but she did well considering not practicing like she should have been and falling down the stairs on Monday night. She placed in the Fling and the Seann Tribhuis, which was great and had she not touched her sword, and tripped up in the Strathspey, things might have worked out differently for her results wise, but she's not unhappy and feels pretty good that at least she could still dance today. Kudos to her for a job well done!

I had a spectacular treat waiting for me when I got home this afternoon! My Knitty Spring Fling secret pal went all out with yummy treats for me! I don't think the picture will do the mug justice enough, but it's covered in pictures of Tartan and pipers! Which is perfect for me! She also sent a lovely scottish tin that had been her aunt's (which makes it really special to me!) And the treats, oh the yummy treats! Coffee candies, fruity candies and chocolate. A girl just can't go wrong with treats like that! Plus tea - oh how I love my tea!!!!! She also sent the cutest little wind up critter - I think he's an inch worm the way he inches along! I'm so easily amused! Oh and I can't forget the container of Burt's Bees hand salve, something that I've been really wanting to try! Thank you so much to my awesome SP!!!Q

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