Monday, April 28, 2008

Coffee Swap Assignment #5

You know with Spring the famous saying goes "April Showers, bring May flowers", please tell us what you like to do when those April Showers are pouring down on you. Do you like to curl up with your knitting, take in a movie or crawl back in bed?

What are April Showers? I am unfamiliar with this concept unless you mean April SNOW showers! ha ha!

I'm sorry - you just have to laugh about it otherwise it would drive you slowly mad living here! Last week we had beautiful sunshine-y weather. The yard was finally drying up and it felt like spring was in the air. Then it got cooler and cooler all week long until Thursday when the mercury plummeted and we got a snow storm. Yes, you did read that correctly. A SNOW STORM. Now fortunately we weren't as badly off as Calgary with their horrendous amounts of snow, but chances are, they've warmed up now and here we sit in, well not quite cold enough to be called a deep freeze, let's just call it a fridge. Brrrr. Hope "springs" eternal though and it is suppose to be sunny all week long and by the end of the week they're calling for 14C. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me will you?

Anyways, onto matters at hand... I love rainy days when I have the luxury of keeping cozy warm inside the house. I love to wear my sweats and hoodie, and a pair of cozy wool socks, put the kettle on and park myself on the couch and knit to my heart's content. Of course first I've made something hearty and warming (soup, chili, or stew) in the crock pot for supper. More often though, I'm grabbing my rain jacket, and umbrella if I can find it and heading out to where ever I have to be at that particular moment.

In other news, I'm back from a brief trip to Toronto. I had a "field trip" to the university and it was absolutely fantastic! I really did feel like the little country bumpkin gone to the big city, but not for any reason other than the sheer size of the library there. Previously, when I first started my library career I worked at one of the largest highschools in the province, so it stood to reason that our library was very large (or so I thought). Then I transferred here to the university and I work in the largest library in our system and I remember being amazed at the size of it. So here was little me under the assumption that Dafoe was huge. Then I went to the Robarts library on Friday at the U of T. All 14 floors of it!!!!! WOW! I have to say, I was lagging a little in my enthusiasm for library work as of late, but seeing U of T and talking "shop" with the people I met down there has sort of given my enthusiasm the "jolt" it needed to get back in my groove.

Toronto is fun for other reasons too, of course besides their large library! I met a few knitters there that gave me directions to Romni Wools! I guess alot of things are just bigger there because I've never seen such a large wool shop in all my life! I was overwhelmed. I roamed the aisles over and over upstairs and down. In the end I bought a couple of patterns and a few skeins of yarn, but really couldn't even focus on what I wanted! Apparently I was hitting TO at a good time too, as they were having a fibre festival. It was going to be tight timing, but I was busily making plans to sneek over to that before heading out to Oakville on Saturday evening for a BBQ with my friend. Then the TTC went on strike and put a halt to that. I didn't figure I'd be able to easily get a cab for love or money, and with transit down, there was no way to get to the festival, so I settled for walking to Kensington Market to Lettuce Knits for a little peruse around their shop. All in all a good "knitterly" time!


  1. Aaaawww, I wished I'd known you were coming, we could have had coffee. I live so close to Romni...maybe next time...ciao

  2. Shoot! That would have been fun! I was just in and out quickly for work, but next time I will definately let you know! I'd love to meet you in person! :)