Monday, May 05, 2008

Coffee Swap Assignment #6

We'll go free form this week - Post about your WIPs, post about your package, post about the weather where you are - just be sure to include that the post is for the Spring Fling Weekly Topic somewhere inside it when you tell us it's there! I'd love to hear how folks are enjoying the goodies they received, if they have, or how much fun you had shopping for your pal!

Where to begin for this one. I know. A popular subject today here in my prairie home town... the weather. So much for spring. I know I mentioned "snow showers" in my last posting as well, but I figure this deserves another mention. It's what makes us prairie-folk hardy (or crazy, not sure which really). Yesterday it snowed. It snowed to beat the band. In fact as I was driving over to the other end of town for the highland dance competition it was snowing so fiercely it looked like December 4th not May 4th! Luckily, for the sake of all those annoyed by the white stuff, it was for the most part melting as it hit the ground, but seriously folks. This is just about enough. The weather forecast was calling for +19C yesterday not snow!!!!!!!!!! If one can believe the forecast - and the aforementioned statement about what the weather was supposed to be like yesterday should make you all realize what folly that can prove to be - it is to be sunny the rest of the week. We shall see...

In terms of knitting, I finished my sock on Saturday night! Managed to get myself completely obsessed with the lure of finishing it that I stayed up way too late as a matter of fact and then found it hard to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed for the morning competition, but I just blamed it on the weather. Not the fact that I was silly and obsessed with a sock. Many wouldn't have understood. Last night I jumped right into starting the second sock in effort to ward off second sock syndrome.

Of course the Montego Bay scarf and Gathered Pullover still sit, untouched (but not unloved) for the time being. Actually - Montego Bay was going to get some loving attention yesterday during the comptetion, but when I pulled it out of the bag, much to my horror I pulled the wrong needle and half the stitches came off and I was too saddened by the resulting dropped stitch mess that I just picked up the stitches as I could without thinking too much and tucked it quietly back in the bag.

As for the coffee swap, I am a little behind in my mailing goals. I had hoped to have it sent off already, but unfortunately hit a wee snag in whole business. The snag being that between being away last weekend and having to worry about finalizing competition registration this past week I've not had time to get to the handmade portion of the parcel. Now - I realize the fact that I had time to finish my sock makes it sound kind of lame that I was too busy for the other project, but let's just say the other project doesn't involve yarn and instead involves a different kind of craft which is too loud to be done late at night, when the rest of the household is trying to sleep. But the remainder of the parcel is already to go and I am really excited about it! I really, really hope my partner likes it too!

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  1. aggh. Sorry to hear about your Montego bay, but all is not lost. Trust me!