Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday, sweet Friday

How I love Fridays!!!! I'm not talking about during the day, while I'm still at work. I'm talking about starting at 4pm. When I walk out the front door here at work. I can feel the tension of the week melting away bit by bit with each step I take towards the parking lot. Friday night is what I like to think of in my little world as "Knit Night". I know I've mentioned this before in previous posts, and if you're reading this chances are you're a knitter and therefore will understand my complete joy at sitting at home on a Friday night curled up on the couch with my knitting at hand. I love nothing better than a "Knit Night".

Today promises to be no exception. Everything should go according to plan. (BF)G is making supper tonight - BBQ Chicken and home-made fries, so I don't even have to think about that. My only diversions away from my knitting tonight are the alarm guys are coming to install an extra key pad for us sometime between 5pm and 8pm and I have to remember to pick G up from her part time job at McDonalds at 8pm. Other than that the night is mine.

(BF)G and I always try to keep Friday nights as free nights. We don't go out, we don't have people over, we simply don't make plans (and we're always somewhat cranky if something does crop up that we can't get out of). It's our only night off that we can spend together. And tonight the kids are home from their dad's so it's even better. Our house will be filled with laughter and noise! Every second week the kids are with their dad and "switch over" is Friday before supper, so while I still enjoy those evenings, both (BF)G and I like it best on the weeks the kids come back home!

Tonight's knitting will be my second sock. I'm really liking knitting with the "On Your Toes" in bamboo. There's something about the texture that almost massages my fingers as I work with it. It's also super soft, but gives the impression of being really strong too. My only complaint is that sometimes the threads are kind of splitty so I have to be a bit careful, but other than that, I'm really liking it!

I have a plan. I'm making myself finish at least one of what I'm thinking of as my now boring WIP first before I will allow myself to cast on for something new (and therefore exciting). I figure the socks are the easiest to finish. Then my Montego Bay (I've only about 20 inches at most left to go, which sounds like a lot, but really it's fast moving when I'm not inadvertently pulling all the stitches off the needle! Last but not least will be the sleeves of my Gathered Pullover. I really have no motivation for that one. It's a winter sweater after all and my heart (and hands) long for something summery.

Of course this plan is not written in stone. If you've read any of my other posts, you'll know that I'm very fickle! What seems like a perfectly logical well laid out plan for success can be tossed out on a moment's whim upon sight of a new pattern or new yarn.

So here's hoping all goes according to plan and that the gods of free time allow me my one evening of the week to do as I please! To all else who plan to do the same as myself, may you have a happy, fun and productive "Knit Night" of your own!


  1. Yay! Montego Bay, only 20 inches more!!! Yee-hah! Looking forward to seeing it.

    Tonight, alas, will be a Beer night in the House of Brouhaha. But there will be some knitting this weekend.

    Hope you have a great one, Sarah!


  2. Thanks Kristina!

    Alas - it's never a "Beer Night" for me... I have a nasty allergy to beer. For DBF however, I do believe any and/or every night could be considered "Beer Night" Ha ha!

    Have a great weekend! :)