Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Bard and teeny, tiny socks

Hollycat investigates...

Yesterday was (daughter) G's 14th birthday. The theme was Shakespeare. The girl is crazy about him! In fact, she informed me last night that she wrote a two page essay about how interesting his work is because according to G, her English teacher had made it sound like the bard was boring and she wanted to prove her wrong. In all fairness to the teacher, G sometimes makes mountains out of mole hills so what could have been an off the cuff remark was interpreted to be something else by G. Also, she is in an all French school with English taught as a second language, so perhaps the teacher really just doesn't care for it - who knows?! Anyways, long and short of it is she is very passionate about her Shakespeare. On Friday, she and I attended the Manitoba Theatre Centre's production of The Tempest, and then the rest of her birthday present included a three DVD set of Shakespeare movies (Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer night's dream, and Titus) and some chocolates wrapped in paper with pictures and quotes of the Bard! (What a great find!!!) After supper she and I sat down to watch Romeo and Juliet.

Needing a break from the very dull process of knitting a single colour stocking stitch scarf (basis of N's anarchy scarf), I decided that it was a great time to start baby nephew's socks. I'm fairly slow knitting on four needles, but managed throughout the length of the movie to get almost one sock finished! I'm really pleased so far! Now maybe everyone who knits socks already does this, but it's a first for me, I bought some elastic thread at (shudder) WalMart and have been knitting it along with the wool and it's making for a really nice bounce-back kind of stretch. Hopefully perfect for baby's chubby eight month old ankles!

The teeny tiny socks so far...


  1. Hey listen, I would never knock Wal-Mart! It's saved my knitting bacon many and many a time on long trips.

    You bought her TITUS ANDRONICUS? HOW old is she? (Why am I bothering? Kids are much better at coping with violence and blood than us, aren't they? But I still recoil at some of the scenes in that...)

    Love the baby socks.


  2. I've relied on WalMart lots too. I just hate going in there - it's always so crowded! Uggghh.

    I was a little unsure of Titus for her too! She's seen Braveheart, which I thought was too violent for her as well. Her older brother will probably (hopefully) borrow Titus, and she'll probably stick to Romeo and Juliet (it's her "favourite movie ever!!!!!!") I agree though that kids seem to be so de-sensitized to violence now. But that's a whole other discussion for a whole other day!

    On another note... I love your blog!