Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Bard is causing trouble... again

G was over for her Wednesday night visit (it's her week at her Dad's this week) and she had a bee in her bonnet to say the very least.

As I alluded to in my title, her angst was caused yet again by her devotion to ol' William! Poor G. she's no longer allowed to answer any questions during English class. The story goes something like this (of course bear in mind this is from the perspective of 14 year old, misunderstood, G)...

They were discussing A Midsummer Night's Dream and the teacher made a comment about one of the character's entering during a particular scene. G, who remember eats, sleeps, breathes (well darn well lives) for Shakespeare, knew this to be false information and quickly pointed out to the teacher that she was WRONG and that the character actually entered during [enter correct act and scene here]. Of course G. sticking to her guns would not back down, until she proved to said teacher that she, G. was right and the teacher was wrong. (Not a good tactic in front of twenty some other classmates). The teacher who by this point was getting rather fed up with G's constant corrections regarding Shakespeare, then posed a question to the class which apparently no one knew the answer to but G. She quickly put up her hand and was told she was not allowed to answer any more questions because she was ruining it for everyone. Needless to say, G is more than slightly affronted by this whole matter and figures she's going to take her greivence to the principal tomorrow. After all, she feels that she is really by far the expert on the whole matter.

You know, I almost feel sorry for the teacher, but at the same time... I'm mentally cheering! This passion and understanding of Shakespeare comes from my little girl who struggled all through elementary and who couldn't read until the end of grade two and numerous times was considered for holding back an extra year. So, really it is a great thing for her, for the first time in her school life, she's the best out of anyone in her class with something. And although I truly celebrate her thirst for knowledge I've just asked her to try very hard to be more diplomatic in her dealings with the teacher. And maybe, just maybe by next week she'll be allowed to answer questions again!


  1. Thaaaanks!!!!!
    Its hard to teach a old dog new tricks. Heres my baby photoless blog I'm nursing,
    I read a very interesting book about shakes, your daughter might have already read it, Alias Shakeespeare by Joseph Sobran. Lots of food for thought.I read to my daughters Beautiful stories from Shakespeare for children by E.Nesbitt, its funnie how much they like it and read it on their own.Sorry, did'nt mean to write a novel here! Thanks again!

  2. Hey, just going back a bit here. I'm not sure if you think this would be entirely appropriate for your daughter or not, but I think this is pretty cool.