Monday, November 13, 2006

Great knitting weekend!

For once (it's been so very long!) I had a quiet, relaxing weekend with nothing pressing to get done! I didn't have anything scheduled so I spent the weekend knitting! I felted my mitts, finished baby nephew's socks, finished the scarf for N (just have to do the embellishment now), and dyed my yarn for my Irish Hiking Scarf.

As for Kool-aid dyeing. Well, I wasn't as successful as I'd hoped. I bought two skeins of aran weight natural wool and followed the instructions that I had. Using the ratio of one package of kool-aid to one ounce of wool seemed to be ok. Where I went wrong was doing the two skeins at once. Next time (and I will try it again) I would do one skein at a time in the microwave probably rather than both on the stove in a big pot. Tonight I'm going to wind the wool into two balls and then I'll start my scarf interchanging the two balls as you would with a handpainted yarn.

(BF)G thinks I'm crazily obsessed with knitting. Somehow this seems to have come as a surprise (?!?!) to him. Oh silly man... were the four boxes of yarn and the regular trips to Camille's not a dead give away? He's pretty good to me though and doesn't complain. Just gets a bemused look and shakes his head as he glances at the twenty sets of needles on the end table. As a kindness to him, I no longer keep various balls of yarn lying about because Hollycat's obsession with carting wool around in her mouth and making the most annoying chirpy noise in the wee hours of the morning was driving him slowly mad.

So here's my revised list of projects (and this time in order - or at least I think!):

1) Block and finish embellisment for N's anarchy scarf
2) Cast on for Irish Hiking Scarf
3) Cast on for my red sweater for the Red Sweater KAL
4) Start either mitts or hats for the little ones for Christmas
5) Felted purse? Yorick for J? Socks?


  1. hey girl,
    I have to tell you that you inspired me to blog too! I'm in the coffeeswap too and How did you get the swap button on you site? I love reading you so far! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Wendy!

    For the button, I saved the image first to my computer, then from there to my account I created at and was able to upload it from there by editing the template (scroll down... way down... if you want to put it along the side. Let me know if you need me to send you the coding I used.

    I love this blogging though. It's fun to write (type) out my ramblings!