Sunday, November 05, 2006

Too many projects and now a little anarchy!

It's Sunday morning, not even six o'clock. What the heck am I doing up???? I've dropped boyfriend G off at work and for the fifth time in a row, instead of curling back up in bed for a few more zzzz's, here I am wide awake!

Went to Ram Wools yesterday with my youngest son in search of ideas for some nice yarns to put in my coffee swap package. So many to choose from, it was so hard to decide! N, who hates wooly things based on the fact that they are "scratchy," just wandered about until he came across a sample of a scarf that was the softest wool ever! He then set to work trying to find the wool and finally gave up after touching probably every skein and ball in the shop. He had those ladies hopping trying to find a suitably soft substitute for him when they informed him they no longer carried that yarn. He finally settled on Paton's Chunky that's a wool/acrylic blend. I figured I was getting off pretty cheaply and therefore didn't complain! Turns out though he's got other ideas for his scarf then the sample he liked though. Trying to keep up with big brother J, who is punk, N has decided that yours truly can just whip him up a scarf with an anarchy sign on it, one on each end please! Well, I guess it's partly my fault for a) having "The Happy Hooker" sitting on the coffee table for the last few weeks (they have a anarchy hat) and b) dragging him with me to Ram Wools! What else was a bored 12 year old to do, but come up with something to make the excursion more interesting?!?!

Now I have so many projects to start and so little time to knit! I should be working (read starting) the work on my Philosophy course, but instead I'm obsessed with my knitting. Maybe if I write out a list of the projects I can "budget" my time between knitting, and course work and find some sort of balance. I only have the rest of November, December and January to get four essays done, but I can't seem to walk away from my knitting long enough to really make any headway.

So here's my list:
- Finish the mitts to match my felted bow hat by Pick Up Sticks (this should be first as I've got the hat done and one and a half mittens done. (Maybe I can be finished the mitten by tomorrow)
- Socks for baby nephew (baby loves his woolies and since his mommy and daddy take him out in the stroller and on the bus all time, I figure cozy wooly socks are just the thing for him!)
- Anarchy scarf for N (or he may resort to some sort of anarchy)
- Yorick (for punk son #1, J. the felted scarf from Knitty - what 16 year old wouldn't love skulls around his neck?)
- a sweater for either daughter G or myself (I bought some beautiful red wool last spring and if it's not too late I want to join the red sweater KAL)
- felted purse/bag ( pattern is from Paton's can't remember what it's called but it's lovely, big and roomy and who can have too many purses?)
- Woolies for all the really little ones to put with their Christmas presents (which means 2 great nieces, one nephew, and all of boyfriend G's little ones - one neice, three nephews)

Ack! So many projects, so little time. Perhaps the list needs re-arranging in priority! Really I guess the woolies for the little ones should be first since Christmas is only seven or eight weeks away! Oh, to be one of those knitters who can happily have umpteen projects on the go (and of course manage to finish them!). What is it with my compulsive nature that I have to have a project completely finished before I can let myself start a new one. I can tell you that boyfriend G would really appreciate it if I did my wool purchasing the same way as the actual knitting of the projects. For some reason I have no such compulsions when it comes to yarn and thus have the standard knitter's stash of enough yarn for a year's worth of projects at least!

Well, I should go put a pot of tea on and get to the mitten knittin' So much for sleeping now!

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  1. So glad to see I'm not the only one who has a crazy long list of knitting to do!

    Glad you got the buttons figured out. They took me forever when I first started blogging:-)